Sunday, March 6, 2011


Rachel Tristen Peterson was born October 10, 2010 at 10:10 am.

You might ask was that planned and Yes, Yes it was but not by just one person. I would have to say that it all started with one of my visiting teaching sisters she showed me how cool birthday numbers are. (she is a BIG math geek) so I was excited about Owen's birthday being 5/08/08. Well when we were deciding whether or not to add to our family one day Neal said "well if we start trying now the baby might be born on 10/10/10." That is not why I decided to try for another kid but it did get my mind thinking. So now being pregnant and knowing that my due date was 10/26/10 and knowing that I had to have a c-section so I would deliver a little early which would make it a week earlier. Well when I was sitting down with my doc and asking her when the date would be Neal brought up that he was on city wide call the weekend that I was to deliver so would it be possible to deliver at 37 weeks. We looked and discovered that the 10 was a Sunday and would my doc being willing to deliver me than. She was more than excited to help us out with 10/10/10 since she was "in" hospital that weekend. So as I got closer to delivering I asked what time I needed to be at the hospital and I was told at 8:00am so that I could have a 10 surgery. I just laughed and said OK. I asked that doc and she said "that was a good time why rush things on a Sunday" Now the week leading up to the delivery I was having a lot of contractions and had gone into the hospital once thinking that I was in labor. I was and I wasn't. I was given medicine to calm to contractions because they wanted the baby's lungs to develop as much as possible. So on October 10th we went in to have a baby and the scrub nurse tells us that she was going to see if we could have this baby at 10:10am. So thanks to a great anesthesiologist and a great nurse and a wonderful doc Rachel was born at the perfect time. 

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  1. Oh my gosh! I see her little cheeks and I just want to SQUISH HER!!!!!!!!!!!