Sunday, March 6, 2011


Rachel Tristen Peterson was born October 10, 2010 at 10:10 am.

You might ask was that planned and Yes, Yes it was but not by just one person. I would have to say that it all started with one of my visiting teaching sisters she showed me how cool birthday numbers are. (she is a BIG math geek) so I was excited about Owen's birthday being 5/08/08. Well when we were deciding whether or not to add to our family one day Neal said "well if we start trying now the baby might be born on 10/10/10." That is not why I decided to try for another kid but it did get my mind thinking. So now being pregnant and knowing that my due date was 10/26/10 and knowing that I had to have a c-section so I would deliver a little early which would make it a week earlier. Well when I was sitting down with my doc and asking her when the date would be Neal brought up that he was on city wide call the weekend that I was to deliver so would it be possible to deliver at 37 weeks. We looked and discovered that the 10 was a Sunday and would my doc being willing to deliver me than. She was more than excited to help us out with 10/10/10 since she was "in" hospital that weekend. So as I got closer to delivering I asked what time I needed to be at the hospital and I was told at 8:00am so that I could have a 10 surgery. I just laughed and said OK. I asked that doc and she said "that was a good time why rush things on a Sunday" Now the week leading up to the delivery I was having a lot of contractions and had gone into the hospital once thinking that I was in labor. I was and I wasn't. I was given medicine to calm to contractions because they wanted the baby's lungs to develop as much as possible. So on October 10th we went in to have a baby and the scrub nurse tells us that she was going to see if we could have this baby at 10:10am. So thanks to a great anesthesiologist and a great nurse and a wonderful doc Rachel was born at the perfect time. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What can I say???

I have found myself with a few extra minutes with out my son begging for my attention and sitting at the computer just being bored and have decided that updating my blog might be the best use of my time.
It has been a while since I have blogged so I will just have to do a few quick picture and words to update.First and foremost is that the remodel is DONE! I promised the girls that everything would be done by the end of school and for everything but the blinds in the rooms it was. I think my favorite part of the remodel is my much bigger laundry room with tons of room to put store things, (okay hide things). Next thing I like is that we upgrade our heating and AC unit so we have a separate unit upstairs. I love that our house stays nice and cool. Haven't need the heater part yet but have high hope for that as well. Yes and it great that the kids have their own rooms. We have a finished basement and an enlarged deck. It was a busy and loud 6 months.
During those 6 months we decided that we need to add another child into the mix so baby #5 is on her way October 10, 2010. And we can plan for that date since I need to have a c-section. I got a great doc that was all for cool number birthdays. So unless this kiddo want to come early we get a 10/10/10 baby.

Now we are in the middle of summer and the kids are busy with swimming lessons and playing outside, and eating Popsicles. It has been fun being here in Spokane for most of the summer. For the last few years since we moved here most of the summer has been spent in Utah with family (which is great!) but this summer we already made a Utah trip with Peterson family camping trip. Than we are going back to Utah f or a wedding and Jordan's baptism in August. but this whole month of August has been spent here at home enjoying what Spokane has to offer.I'm sure there is more that I should catch up on but for now these are the major things happening in our house.

here is my Laundry room.

our hallway looking down to the two bedrooms.
Flaming gorge with cousins

4th of July parade. We all got a good sunburns not so good candy.

Brooklyn's birthday and the traditional fruit pizza birthday cake

eating Popsicles on our new deck

Sunday, January 31, 2010

What have we got ourselves into???

We have finally decided to start work on our "TO DO" list around the house. Or things that we
would like done on the house. So we have started on the basement. We've always wanted to finish the basement to give us more room. I always feel bad when we have family come and stay with us and they have to sleep on our old futon (or we have upgraded to an air mattress) and have to sleep with all of the girls toys. Now... the futon and air mattress are still going to have to be used until better arrangement can be made, but now guest can sleep in their own bedroom! Downstairs there will be an extra bedroom, a family room, a cold storage room, a big closet, and a bathroom. I think the girls are the most excited about the bathroom.
The work started two weeks ago at 6:55am. Yes we had worker knocking at our door that early to start all the framing. So it all began with a lot of banging and hammering and sawing and things being delivered to my house. Next came the electrician who had to come on a Sunday because he was leaving town soon after that. Than the dry wall experts came that is when the basement really started to take shape. We have picked out the carpet, tiles and all other things to finish the project. This week the cabinets should be done after that I just wait and see what they tell me what is next. The whole thing has moved very fast and we can't wait to see the finished product.

The basement before work started
the frame work is up
now the dry wall is up

looking down the hall

on the right side is where the bathroom is going to be.

A hall with walls
If you were wondering this is what we picked for the counter top and colors for the bathroom tile

the granite counter top

the colors are the second down from the top with the brown tile on the side

This is our Dry wall being delivered and Owen loving the whole process.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

For all of you who have been waiting so patiently, I have finally decided to sit down and blog. Okay it just boils down to the a I have a few minutes before we are going to stake conference. I have a lot of back blogs to catch up on. I have them titled so i don't forget what needs to be documented. So be prepared, but don't hold your breath

So as for these past few weeks I had been in the "stock pile get ready for winter" mode.  Neal and I made and canned many bottles of salsa. I had a friend  come and show me how to can peaches this week. I have over stocked my cereal supply ( for any of you that have seen my cereal supply knows that's a lot of cereal!) And I have been using my crock pot to make shredded beef and pork. Plus cleaning out my closet and pantry and the organizing the our food storage. I have been so busy that I forgot that I was supposed to pick up Brooklyn and Jordan from school. Now I don't pick them up every day, for my excuse, but I did remember right when they were getting out of school which meant that I was 15 minutes late picking them up and Mae had to say "Stop bossing me around Momma!" as I'm telling her to get into the car. Also soccer has started here and so now our Saturdays are taken up mostly by soccer games and this season we have all three girls on a team and Neal is still coaching Jordan's team. Aaaahhh the fun of running a household. I'm sure for most people that is just a walk at the park but for me, I am exhausted!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

school programs

This week(end of May) was a week of school programs. 
Mae had her preschool graduation. These pictures were from the slide show that the high school kids put together. They are always surprised when her personality come through. She is very reserved and observant at school.

Jordan had her Kindergarten graduation with the frog hats and many songs. Jordan is in the purple shirt on the left side looking at the camera.

And Brooklyn had her recorder concert ( that is the approved instrument for 4th grade). Brooklyn had a special treat because her Uncle Shaun and Aunt Shannon were here interviewing for a job and they were able to be here for her concert. 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Marker Eater


Yes, Owen has found out that he can pull the lids off of highlighters. I have found him many times with his mouth bight green, pink, or yellow. Not only can he take the lids off of those marker but than he bites off the tips of the markers. Owen has a very nice little collection of markers with no tips or the felt piece is just completely gone. I have found a few marker tip on the floor but most of them (I'm guessing) have see the inside of his stomach. I know, not a healthy snack, but Owen really enjoys the taste of those markers.
 I have to say one thing for Crayola. those lids are not easy for babies to pull off. 
Its the other brands and the marker that have the highlighter lids that he can that off. I guess I should count my blessings that the Sharpies have not fallen victim to... 


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jordan's time to shine

Thank You!!!
Warning: I hope you like teeth. If you don't I'm sorry.
Now on to my subject of the week JORDAN! She has won the spot on the blog because of her teeth losing ability. I guess this story really begins when she was about 6 months old. She, as all little children do somehow fell and knocked on of her bottom front teeth. It was bleeding and wiggly and I remember calling dentist and asking if we needed to do anything. Of course "NO" but I had to ask. But he did say that that tooth would probably be her first tooth out. Now fast forward to Jordan age five. One day we noticed that Jordan had a very loose tooth , yes the tooth she had bumped years ago, So Neal asked her if he could get it out she said "OK." So off they go to a different room (because i just can't watch!) Three minutes later Jordan comes down with a tooth in her hand. No crying. No screaming. A little blood but nothing that an OtterPop wouldn't solve. Neal said "she was amazing! She let me push and pull hard at her tooth without any complaint. I don't think it was quite ready to come out but its out." So the end of the story is that now she has a little bruise on her tooth from her 6 month old bump. OH WELL.
Jordan 2nd tooth was all done by herself. She twisted a pushed and pop she had her tooth. 
Now if I remember right #3 was soon after the 2nd tooth but this tooth just disappeared after dinner one day. she had it in her mouth before dinner and after dinner Jordan got up from the table and went to play with Brooklyn when Brooklyn announced "Jordan your tooth is gone!" Jordan was little upset only because of not having a tooth to give to the tooth fairy. So we wrote a note to tell the tooth fairy "That we just don't know where it went." Jordan and I both signed the note" because if you have your parent sign they must believe the note" said Jordan.  So that was the tooth count for quite a long time until yesterday...
We have been trying to encourage Jordan to wiggle her top tooth and she would but she just wasn't in to it. Well yesterday as we were walking off the soccer from watching Brooklyn game (which they won!) The parent who brought snacks was nice enough to give a Gatorade and cookie to all of my girls. They were very excited about that. we were walking back to the van when Jordan said "Momma, my tooth just came out!" WHAT!? what happened is that she hit her mouth with the Gatorade bottle and the angle was just right to knock that tooth out. So a soccer win and a tooth out. What a great Saturday!
Jordan is just amazing at the tooth thing. She makes it look easy. I think the moral of the story is "Do not use pliers to get your kids teeth out. The teeth will just come out by themselves."